The decision to establish EQuiP was born in September 2017, during a workshop entitled: “Creating Bridges between European Researchers across Qualitative Research in Psychology” at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland (co-organised by Maria del Rio Carral and Marie Santiago, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) and the Institute of Psychology of the University of Lausanne (UNIL)). The workshop brought together consolidated international researchers from various European countries representing different qualitative approaches as well as diverse cultural backgrounds with the aim to develop links across qualitative researchers in psychology in Europe. Early career researchers from the Institute of Psychology (UNIL) were key actors of this event.

By stressing the plurality of approaches, generations, and historical backgrounds, this workshop, followed by two more workshops held at Aalborg University (Denmark) in 2018 (co-organised by Carolin Demuth and Maria del Rio Carral) and at Leeds-Beckett University (UK) in 2019 (co-organised by Brendan Gough and Maria del Rio Carral), raised awareness about the importance of stimulating the dialogue among psychologists engaged in qualitative research, and to integrate practitioners/other researchers to this dialogue, including early-career researchers. 

EQuiP will contribute to (re-)think about psychology as a discipline through a series of aims:

  • Provide researchers from different geographical parts of Europe opportunities to increase their visibility
  • Serve as a ‘hub’ that fosters dialogue among researchers engaged in qualitative research
  • Represent clearly the multiplicity of qualitative research approaches (or/and ‘schools’) and providing a platform for constructive exchange between colleagues working in different qualitative research traditions
  • Promote qualitative research practices from plural institutional and sociocultural backgrounds (beyond but not excluding Anglo-Saxon organisations)
  • Advance innovation in qualitative methods and methodologies in psychology and enhance the understanding of how qualitative research can contribute specifically to psychology
  • Create dialogue with other disciplines and interdisciplinary areas
  • Overcome possible linguistic barriers and enable scholarly exchange across linguistic communities in Europe (and beyond)

EQuiP Board of Directors:


Honorary President: Marie Santiago (University of Lausanne)
President: Maria del Rio Carral (University of Lausanne)
Vice-President: Carolin Demuth (Univesity of Aalborg)
Secretary: Angelo Benozzo (University of Valle d'Aosta)
Treasurer: Nikos Kalampalikis (University Lumière Lyon 2)

More information

EQuiP ‘core’ group of researchers (steering committee) members (alphabetical order):


Apostolidis Thémis (Aix-Marseille University)
Benozzo Angelo (University of Valle d'Aosta)
Brooks Joanna (University of Manchester)
Demuth Carolin (University of Aalborg)
del Rio Carral Maria (University of Lausanne)
de Mol Jan (University of Louvain)
Frost Nollaig (University College Cork)
Gemignani Marco (Loyola University Andalucia)
Gough Brendan (University of Leeds Beckett)
Kalampalikis Nikos (University Lumière Lyon 2)
Locke Abigail (Keele University)
Riley Sarah (Aberystwyth University)
Santiago Marie (University of Lausanne)
Tseliou Eleftheria (University of Thessaly)


For any questions, please contact us at 
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T. +30 2310 433099
F. +30 2310 433599


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