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“Creating bridges” is the 1st Conference of the Association of European Qualitative Researchers in Psychology (EQuiP) and is co-organised by the Laboratory of Psychology (Department of Early Childhood Education, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Thessaly, Greece) and the Laboratory of Applied Psychology (School of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece). The conference will take place from 16-19 June 2021, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The 1st conference of EQuiP aims to provide a venue for bringing together qualitative researchers in psychology from different European countries and from different traditions in qualitative inquiry. EQuiP was recently established with the aim to create bridges between qualitative researchers across Europe, particularly enhancing the visibility of researchers from under-represented European countries in qualitative research in psychology. EQuiP’s first conference sets the cornerstones towards creating such bridges.

Like Europe, qualitative research in psychology constitutes a lively and colourful, at times conflicting, terrain with a mixture of different traditions from diverse historical origins, political and cultural contexts of applications. The challenge and aim for EQuiP’s first conference is to provide a space for celebrating diversity and creativity while fostering multiplicity, scholarly exchange and inclusion rather than demarcation and exclusion. In doing so, it further aims at bringing to the fore the valuable contribution that each of the various qualitative research traditions can make to advance the field of psychology.

We want to invite and strongly encourage European Qualitative Researchers in Psychology to contribute to our effort for creating bridges by joining us in the venue of the scholarly exchange that EQuiP’s first conference aims to provide. Our call is addressed to established European Qualitative Researchers, whose valuable contribution to the field can further advance its development, but also to early career researchers, undergraduate as well as post-graduate students. We believe that the 1st EQuiP conference will provide a unique opportunity for both to familiarize themselves with the latest, cutting-edge developments in qualitative research in psychology. Our call is particularly addressed to those qualitative researchers in psychology who work in under-represented countries in the field, often feeling disconnected and “less visible”. Finally, our call is also addressed to colleagues from related disciplines, such as sociology, education, psychological anthropology or applied linguistics, who are interested in the trans-disciplinary contribution of developments in qualitative research in psychology.

EQuiP’s first conference will feature Carla Willig and Svend Brinkmann as key note speakers and Michell Fine, Uwe Flick, Keneth Gergen, Jonathan Smith, Wendy Stainton-Rogers and Jaan Valsiner giving ‘words of greetings’ to welcome the conference and the “birth” of the association. [information to be confirmed for 2021 dates]

We would like to invite you to actively support our effort in constructing a conference program which will facilitate fertile discussions and networking by contributing presentations from different sub-fields of psychology but also from different epistemological and methodological traditions in the field, including latest advances. Besides traditional formats we also welcome alternative formats of presentations to facilitate creative exchange, debate, dialogue and interaction between participants, e.g. between established and early career researchers but also between researchers from different qualitative traditions.

We invite you to respond to our call and join us in this venture to collaboratively consolidate and advance qualitative research in psychology.

We look forward to welcoming you in Thessaloniki, Greece in June 2021!


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