1st Conference of the Association of European Qualitative Researchers in Psychology (EQuiP):
Creating Bridges


EQuiP2020 rescheduled for 16-19 June 2021

Dear invited keynote speakers, dear greetings session speakers, dear invited panel participants and EQuiP2020 presenters,

As you all experience and know, we are globally facing unique circumstances due to the covid-19 pandemic. I am contacting you to inform you that given the limited predictability of how the situation evolves in the following months, we have decided to postpone EQuiP2020 for a year. Our decision is to re-schedule the 1st EQuiP conference for 16-19 June 2021.

A couple of days ago, we completed the scheduling of the full conference program for June 2020 (see here). We are proud to share with you the outcome of the continuous effort to make EQuiP2020 the great event we had all envisioned by announcing the conference program despite our decision to postpone the conference. We wanted to share with you how EQuiP2020 has become the venue for a meeting between leading scholars in qualitative research in psychology and promising early career colleagues in a context of celebration of diversity across traditions, approaches and European countries.

Therefore, we did not take the decision for postponing EQuiP2020 lightly. Instead, we reached such a decision bearing in mind the great responsibility we have to all of you, while organizing the conference.

I would like to share with you the various aspects we took into consideration to reach this decision:

1. For some time now, we have been carefully monitoring the evolution of the pandemic as well as the guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO). Up-to-date there is limited evidence that the pandemic will have calmed down in June 2020, whereas day per day more and more restrictions are announced concerning travel and moving across borders.

2. Even if the situation is better in June 2020, we thought that still it would be difficult to cope with the inevitable changes in our world as we know it by now, following the rise of the pandemic and its repercussions to our lives. Furthermore, we think that running the conference might still be endangering to everyone’s health and safety. And this is definitely a risk we do not want to take.

3. We did not want to delay our decision concerning holding EQuiP2020, thus adding to the uncertainty we all currently face concerning various aspects.

4. We think that postponing the conference for a year can give us the chance to celebrate this event in a more secure and hopefully more calm environment.

I can imagine that there is also disappointment with this postponing. But I do believe that at the moment there are other priorities and concerns which are more important. And I am sure you all agree that everyone’s safety and health should be the absolute priority.

I would like to assure you that all of us who have so far worked to make EQuiP2020 happen, remain strongly committed to its re-scheduling for 2021. I would like to acknowledge my co-chairs, Carolin Demuth and Eugenie Georgaca, for their hard work and endless support in the conference organization, the members of the Association’s Board and the Executive Committee members of EQuiP, especially our president Maria Del Rio Carral, as well as the members of EQuiP2020 National and International Conference Committee for their continuing, significant contribution in the conference organization. I am also indebted to Vicky Papadimitriou, Maria Stoimenou and their team from SYMVOLI, for their continuing commitment and support, despite the current restrictions posed to the operation of their company in the context of the recent measures undertaken in Greece.

Most importantly, however, I would like to acknowledge all of you who have joined us in EQuiP2020 by contributing your valuable work to be presented in the conference. You have made us feel that every minute of the hard work we have put into making EQuiP2020 happen during the past two years, was definitely worth it.

Your contribution is still valid for EQuiP2021!

HERE you can read the terms and conditions regarding submissions and registration and all related information you may need.

We thus welcome you to join us in the new venture of scheduling EQuiP2021!

Let’s all stay healthy...

Looking forward to welcoming you to Thessaloniki in June 2021!


Eleftheria Tseliou

EQuiP2020 Chair

* this video refers to the initial planning of the conference for the 2020 dates, but the main content remains the same!

Video editing: Vicky Kokkini

Photographs: Alexandra Demertzi, Giorgos Poulis

Music: Manos Hadjidakis
             published by Seed Point Music Publising


The 1st Conference of the Association of European Qualitative Researchers in Psychology (EQuiP) aims to provide the venue for bringing together qualitative researchers in psychology from different European countries and from different traditions in qualitative inquiry. EQuiP was recently established with the aim to create bridges between qualitative researchers across Europe, particularly enhancing the visibility of researchers from under-represented European countries in qualitative research in psychology. EQuiP’s first conference sets the cornerstones towards creating such bridges.


Logo concept

The background includes letters in Greek and in English as well as the four main keywords (bridges, creativity, diversity, inclusion) in the form of a painter’s brush stroke. This denotes the multitude of information in psychological research but in a more ‘humanistic’ and artistic (painter’s brush) basis instead of a more “stylisized” / “formalistic” basis (choice of particular font and vertical as well as horizontal lines). It also denotes the emphasis on words and texts by qualitative research. Q is a magnifying lense and highlights the four key words from the background. As a lense it also points to visual methods. The words follow the curve of the lense. 


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