1st Conference of the Association of European Qualitative Researchers in Psychology (EQuiP):
Creating Bridges

January 27th, 2021

EQuiP2021 goes online!


Dear EQUIP participants and friends,


We hope that you are safe, healthy, and finding some peace at this stressful time.

We are writing to share the plans for the EQUIP 2021 Conference. After the unfortunate, but necessary, postponement of the conference scheduled initially for 2020, we hoped to be able to gather in person in Thessaloniki in 2021. However, with the ongoing uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, regarding how the vaccination process will develop, or what would be the status of travelling, meeting and conducting an indoor event in the following months, it appears risky to plan to gather in large numbers, in person, by June. In addition, the continuing status of the pandemic may make it difficult for many of us to commit to an in-person conference—especially now, as many may face job turbulence, economic pressures, university spending freezes, uncertain travel and research funding, and more.

In light of these constraints and concerns, we have decided to hold the EQUIP2021 conference virtually.

We did not reach this conclusion lightly. From the very early steps of organizing the conference we have aimed for this first EQUIP event to be a platform for the Qualitative Research in Psychology community to meet, exchange views and enhance collaborations.

Given the situation, however, our primary concern is now to alleviate uncertainty and provide participants with as much safety and clarity as possible, as in advance in time as possible. By making this decision now, we can better plan and provide an online experience: the online format will preserve the opportunities for established scholars, new scholars and students to showcase their research and gain invaluable feedback. In due time we will come back to you with more information on how the online conference will work.

We understand these news may be depriving us from the live, onsite experience we all hoped for. And as this may come as a disappointment, we feel it is fair enough to recalculate the event’s expenses and redefine the conference fees, reducing them as much as possible. You may find more information about the new registration fee policy and the difference refund process HERE.

In any case, we plan to use this unusual circumstance to be nimble, inventive, and to collectively reimagine the conference in exciting and heretofore impossible ways.

On behalf of all the EQUIP community, we look forward to seeing you in June 2021, on screen, where film and media scholars always live! And we hope to see you in person at the next EQuiP conference in 2022.


Eleftheria Tseliou

EQuiP2021 Chair

* this video refers to the initial planning of the conference for the 2020 dates, but the main content remains the same!

Video editing: Vicky Kokkini

Photographs: Alexandra Demertzi, Giorgos Poulis

Music: Manos Hadjidakis
             published by Seed Point Music Publising


The 1st Conference of the Association of European Qualitative Researchers in Psychology (EQuiP) aims to provide the venue for bringing together qualitative researchers in psychology from different European countries and from different traditions in qualitative inquiry. EQuiP was recently established with the aim to create bridges between qualitative researchers across Europe, particularly enhancing the visibility of researchers from under-represented European countries in qualitative research in psychology. EQuiP’s first conference sets the cornerstones towards creating such bridges.


Logo concept

The background includes letters in Greek and in English as well as the four main keywords (bridges, creativity, diversity, inclusion) in the form of a painter’s brush stroke. This denotes the multitude of information in psychological research but in a more ‘humanistic’ and artistic (painter’s brush) basis instead of a more “stylisized” / “formalistic” basis (choice of particular font and vertical as well as horizontal lines). It also denotes the emphasis on words and texts by qualitative research. Q is a magnifying lense and highlights the four key words from the background. As a lense it also points to visual methods. The words follow the curve of the lense. 


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